Ancient medicine for modern health.


As humans it is our birthright to flourish and feel well. Over time, through life experience, we can get out of health yet every human being has the potential to thrive, if we give ourselves the opportunity. When we feel well we are happier and more content with life. I am very passionate about helping adults and children reclaim health and well-being.

What sets my practice apart: I spend quality time with patients listening to health concerns and offering a soft, gentle hands-on approach with acupressure, massage, Neuro-link, in addition to acupuncture. This helps to allay any fears around the use of needles. Also, there are other options to using acupuncture needles. It is my goal that the patient feel comfortable, safe and relaxed. The ‘needle” part of acupuncture is generally not painful and we always have options.

Health of body, mind and spirit is priceless. When we are thriving, we are happier, more available to ourselves and to others.
— krh